Our fleet vehicles

We are proud to transport luxury vehicles entrusted to us by our customers by such premium transporters brands as Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Man, and Iveco. We employ specially-designed auto trailers with a leak-proof rigid body equipped with air suspension. Our auto trailers feature the sliding load-lifting platform which enables effortless transport of even sports cars with the minimum ground clearance. There is a dashboard camera equipped with a motion sensor installed inside of all of our auto trailers. This feature enables us to ensure that all vehicles transported by us remain safe and secure.

We take pride in our fleet vehicles

A thorough check of the technical and overall condition of our auto trailers in addition to the mandatory technical inspections and scheduled servicing is made in accordance with internal regulations before each transportation case. Only after all checks are passed, we send our auto trailers out to the road.


Обеспечивают надежную защиту автомобиля от внешних воздействий и нежелательного внимания во время транспортировки


Позволяет перевозить от одного до шести автомобилей одним автовозом


Крепление автомобиля за колеса специальными откатниками и ремнями во избежание потертости дисков и резины

платформа кузова

Все автовозы оснащены пневмоподвеской, что позволяет транспортировать автомобили с небольшим дорожным просветом.