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General rates and conditions

In our activity we are guided by the approved rates and the highest standards of service quality. At the conclusion of the Agreement, we agree and fix all the conditions and terms of the transportation order fulfillment.

Standard form contract

Within Moscow

We offer fixed rated for vehicle transportation in Moscow within the Ring Road and the Moscow region:

Moscow within the Ring Road - 12 000 rubles (VAT exclusive)

Moscow - Moscow Region (Moscow Little Ring) - 16 000 rubles (VAT exclusive)

Moscow - Moscow Region (Moscow Outer Ring) - 18 000 rubles (VAT exclusive)

Within Russia

Long-distance vehicle transportation. Wewill be happy to deliver your vehicle to any place in Russia. You won’t have to worry about the road surface and weather conditions along the way. We will be happy to deliver your car to any city in Russia.

Going to Europe?

Travel to Europe by car takes a lot of time and effort, and some car owners prefer flying over a tiresome journey behind the wheel. We will be happy to deliver your vehicle to any city in Europe. We offer a convenient location for you to pick up your vehicle. You get to choose whether that would be an airport, a hotel, or your private residence.

In addition to transportation, we will be happy to deal with all the paperwork and complete all necessary procedures for transportation of your vehicle abroad:
- Registration of the export procedures from the Russian Federation
- Registration of temporary export from the Russian Federation and temporary admission into the European Union for a period of 180 days
- Registration in the traffic police authorities
- We will get you a Green Card which will enable you to travel throughout the European Union by car.