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Our advantages

Driver preparation

Our drivers wear seamless disposable coveralls and white gloves in order not to damage your vehicle or get it dirty. Our employees wear slipless gloves during the preparation of the platform and securing a vehicle inside a vehicle transporter.

A detailed pre-move survey of a vehicle

a:2:{s:4:"TEXT";s:394:"First, we complete a report of your vehicle’s condition. Our qualified surveyors take pictures of a vehicle from all angles, making sure you are aware of any existing nicks or dents. After the preparation of a vehicle, our qualified surveyors will complete a detailed inspection and take photos inside a vehicle. All deficiencies are reflected in the inspection sheet issued for each vehicle. ";s:4:"TYPE";s:4:"html";}

Preparation of a vehicle

The driver's seat is covered with a special protective cover. A disposable floor mat is used and a protective film is put on the steering wheel. Upon completion of all preparatory activities, a vehicle will be driven up onto a vehicle transporter by one of our fully trained operators.

Quality control

The loading process is recorded by the dashboard camera. After your vehicle is loaded, car keys are placed in a special tube and sealed by a disposable number seal. We offer you an ability to track your vehicle during transit via a satellite monitoring system.

Your vehicle is insured from pick-up right through to delivery

Our liability as a vehicle transportation company is insured for a total of 40,000,000 RUB.


BLS is the leader of the premium cars transportation market

7 260
cars a year
15 845
km a day
70 billion RUB
cost of all the vehicles transported by us
claims for 15 years

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19 декабря 2015
In the struggle for the maintenance of the quality of Belarusian roads all good. But alone seasonal restrictions on the movement of heavy-is not enough.