The main requirement for the transportation of any vehicle is its safety. We attach great importance to this aspect. Thus, our company ensures that our vehicle fleet is in perfect technical condition. All our drivers are required to pass career development courses and counteremergency driving lessons at least twice a year in order to eliminate human errors.

Professional drivers

All our drivers have at least 15 years of driving experience, they all work at BLC for more than 5 years, and pass career development courses 2 times a year

Video recording

Video recording of the process of inspection of a vehicle and the loading process, we offer you an ability to get any related videos upon request

Guarantee of integrity

After a vehicle is loaded, car keys are placed in a special tube and sealed by a disposable number seal

Vehicle is insured from pick-up right through to delivery

Our liability as a vehicle transportation company is insured for a total of 40,000,000 rubles

Satellite tracking

Vehicle owner can track movement of their vehicle in real time mode


Covered auto trailers protects the car from unwanted attention. We have all our employees sign a confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement.