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In the struggle for the maintenance of the quality of Belarusian roads all good. But alone seasonal restrictions on the movement of heavy-is not enough. In the near future on the highway M6 install stationary scales for dynamic weighing of vehicles at high speed their dvizheniya.Pervye Belarus balance for dynamic weighing will be installed in early spring at the site of the road in Shchuchyn area.

The sensors will be built into asphalt, and will evaluate the weight and dimensions of trucks, as well as to define the class TC depending on the number of axles.

If the excess is recorded, a message about this is transmitted automatically in the total base and manned vehicle on the track inspection. Suspected preponderance car will be stopped and will have to pass on the weighing platform where the measurements repeated reports AvtoGrodno with reference to transport inspection area.

If the driver is authorized to travel in excess of the axle load, it will continue the path. If it is not, the car or to delay discharge, or it will continue the path after the preparation of the document with the calculation of charges for excess weight parameters to the end of the route to raising factors.

In addition, in order to monitor traffic flow system will count the number of cars drive on the highway for a certain period of time.

How will this affect the transport of premium cars in Europe is not exactly known.

25 июля 2024